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A licensed backflow tester performs a backflow test on water systems to ensure that backflow prevention devices, also known as BPDs or RPZs, are functioning properly and that the public water supply is not being contaminated.
When water in a plumbing system’s supply line flows in the opposite direction, it is referred to as “backflow.” (Out of the plumbing system instead of into the system). Backflow is an issue since it can lead to the contamination of the general population’s water supply with dangerous chemicals, human waste, etc.

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If your backflow has been sitting for a while the weather and sunlight are going to lighten the color. Coupled with the rain and oxygen which is going to oxidize the metal which the backflows are made of, causing the backflow to become unsightly. not only to you but everyone that rides by and sees it. If this is happening or has happened to you, we offer our additional painting service to restore color to your backflow so that it will always be painted and looking good and protected from oxidation.

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Most companies must install backflow prevention devices on their plumbing systems to safeguard Florida’s primary water supply.
As a one-way gate, a backflow prevention device (BPD) allows water to enter your plumbing system but prevents it from ever flowing the other way, back into the public water supply. Annual testing is required to make sure backflow prevention devices are functioning properly and safeguarding the public water supply.

A qualified backflow tester will perform a backflow test to check your plumbing system for backflow and to see if your BPD is up to code.
The tester will perform this by connecting a special backflow testing kit to the BPD and checking gauges to see whether the pressure changes. That will enable them to ascertain whether your system is experiencing backflow and what might be the issue. (For example, a water leak).
They will have to turn off the water main for around 30 minutes while they monitor the pressure in your plumbing system. This implies that there will not be any running water on your land then.
Remember that some structures could have numerous backflow prevention devices. If so, testing will be necessary for each device.
Repairs are necessary if a piece of equipment breaks. After the repairs are finished, another test will need to be conducted.
A Backflow Inspection report must be submitted to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection after the test is finished. (DEP). The DEP will return a stamped copy of the report to you for your records after reviewing and pproving it.

Backflow can pose health risks, so Florida mandates that some properties undergo professional testers' 12-month backflow testing. When the BPD for your building is scheduled for testing, you ought to receive a letter in the mail to let you know.
Regrettably, neglecting or forgetting to get your annual testing done can lead to a penalty that costs up to $2,000 and even the possible termination of your water service.

The following are some examples of qualities that require a BPD and yearly testing:

Pool-equipped properties
Facilities for preparing food
Dryers and laundromats
Colleges and schools
Car washes, among others
Multiple buildings
with water service
properties with
sprinklers for in-ground
boilers that use purified water are used in large residential buildings

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