About us

About us

Flowing Easy Backflow Prevention LLC

Our Values are to consistently show dedication, passion, and determination. We always push to advance both professionally and personally.
We listen to our customers to comprehend, and then, if required, resolve any issues with care, knowledge, and competence in every engagement, whether it be with customers, testers, or workers.
We constantly strive to improve every aspect of our business, including our solutions, and services.

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Benjamin Green

Benjamin Green is the Founder of Flowing Easy Backflow Prevention.
He has provided quality drinking water to customers for 12 years with a passion to make sure that each home, school, hospital, and business is delivered safe water to use. His passion for all people is the driving force behind starting this company.

Kendra Green

As part owner of flowing easy it is my duty to ensure the quality of services are accurately and safely implemented to all back flow systems that we service.



Exceeding customer expectations and building long-term relationships with our employees and clients are the cornerstones of our business.


Flowing Easy Backflow Prevention LLC are dedicated to excellence. We are committed to absolute respect for our customers and team members.